Delivery and delivery time

  • Delivery cost within the EU is 39 euros, except to destinations where access is difficult and/or the cost of the transport service is significantly higher than usual (e.g. small islands, etc.).
  • If Kaissu cannot offer delivery for 39 euros for the reasons described in the previous clause, Kaissu will make a price offer to the Buyer for the provision of transport services. If the offer is not suitable for the Buyer, they have the right to withdraw from the sales contract, i.e. cancel the purchase, and Kaissu will return the advance payment paid by the Buyer within 5 working days.
  • The goods will be delivered to the Buyer’s front door on street level.
  • The delivery service does not include the disposal of packaging, pallets, etc.
  • Depending on the product, the goods are delivered either assembled or in parts. The corresponding information is marked separately for each product.
  • The delivery time depends on the selected product and the current stock. The corresponding information is marked separately for each product.
  • Upon receipt of the goods, the Buyer undertakes to immediately check the condition of the packaging. If the packaging shows significant damage (severely crushed, broken, torn, etc.), the Buyer undertakes not to open the packaging, take a photo, and write a corresponding signed note on the courier’s delivery note. Then, they should immediately inform Kaissu about the condition of the packaging.