Maintenance kit for oiled furniture

Set for maintenance of oiled wooden furniture. To maintain the good condition of wooden furniture, we recommend re-applying oil once a year.


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The set includes:

  • OSMO Topoil 3058 transparent oil wax 0.125l
  • Gentle abrasive sponge (no. 220)
  • Soft and lint-free cotton cloth for oiling wooden surfaces

Application: Apply a thin layer of OSMO Topoil to the surface of the oil wax by rubbing thoroughly and evenly along the wood grain. Leave to dry overnight (at least 8-10 hours) ensuring good ventilation. One layer of oil wax is enough to renovate already oiled surfaces.

Coverage: 1L = 24m² one layer (in comparison: 0.125l of product is sufficient for a single use on the Ehe Natur bed in size 180 x 200 cm)

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