Planting trees is a part of Kaissu’s sustainable management and responsible manufacturing policy.


There is currently a poor diversity of tree species in Estonian forests. We’re especially lacking of broadleaved species (oak, ash, elm, basswood, maple etc) and mixed forests. Although all types of wood are cut down for economic reasons, most reforestations include only spruce, pine and birch. No other organization currently plants broadleaved trees in Estonia besides the non-profit nature conservancy organization Koosloodus Foundation.


With the help of Koosloodus Foundation Kaissu can give back to nature – for each piece of oak furniture purchased we will plant a broadleaf tree. In spring, when the trees have been planted, we will send our customers GPS coordinates and a photo of the formed Kaissu forest. Each tree will be taken care of during its lifetime and it will be forever protected by Koosloodus Foundation.