Kaissu values slow consumption, durable products, and ecologically responsible manufacturing. What does this mean?

  • We use durable, renewable, and reusable materials. This way, we can keep recycling the furniture – someone’s old things can become someone else’s new ones time and again without appearing damaged or worn. And if, one day, the piece of furniture can no longer find a new owner, it will not become a burden on nature, but instead, a part of it.
  • We do not follow fickle trends – we create designs with character that brilliantly fulfil their primary functions while providing beauty to any space, regardless of time periods or fashion trends.
  • We design minimalist products, the structure of which allows packing them into equally minimalist packaging while ensuring the minimal time needed to put the items into use. Smaller packaging means fewer resources required for manufacturing and transportation. All of this, in turn, means that our footprint on planet Earth is smaller.
  • We use manufacturing leftovers in a smart way, giving them a new life as a unique design or decorative item.
  • Our products are made using FSC certified wood.

By choosing Kaissu, you can do this, too.